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Newmodels.com has been providing information to the modeling community since 1995; since 2000 we have focused primarily on clear, straight, no-nonsense information about the commercial and fashion modeling industries, as well as some information of interest to models who have a presence on the Internet.

There is an enormous amount of information about modeling on television, in books and on the Internet – not to mention all the sales pitches from people trying to sell you pictures or classes or services you don’t need. Much of that information is misleading, if not flat wrong. All too many "modeling information" sites are run by folks who have very limited experience in the industry.  Even worse: many are people who have self-serving agendas and use their claimed position in the industry to "warn you" about real or imagined dangers that serve their personal needs, not yours.

The contributors to this site collectively have decades of experience in the industry in major market cities as well as secondary markets in the US, Europe and Asia, and both fashion and commercial markets. We have extensive experience both with "brick and mortar" agencies and with the Internet modeling scene.

We won't warn you about specific people or organizations. Rather, we will try to equip to make your own judgments. We will help you to understand your place in the industry, how to find an agency, what to do when you have an agency and go on a modeling job, and how to recognize and avoid the many scams that are waiting for you.


Although this site has always been free and non-commercial, we now do have an offering for sale.  If this is Modeling 101, there is a need for a larger, more comprehensive work that deals with topics in more depth, and beyond the scope of this site.  If you find the articles here helpful, we urge you to purchase our book, The Professional's Guide to Modeling, which tells you the things you really need to know about all of the various modeling disciplines.

We have added a "More Information Resources" link at the bottom of this page so readers can easily find the most credible and useful other sources of information on the modeling industry.


What does it take to be a professional model? We tell you all about it:
An Introduction to Professional Modeling

Mother Agents? Agents? Test Photographers? Clients? Who are these guys?
The Players in the Modeling Industry

I got an email from company, and I saw their agency site online. Is it really an agency?
What is a Model Agency?

Do I need a "Mother Agency?" What the heck are they anyway?
All About "Mother Agencies"

How do I apply to a model agency? What do they want to see? What mistakes can I avoid?
How To Apply to a Model Agency

How do I get modeling jobs? What's a go-see? What does "on hold" mean? A survival guide to the process of getting hired.
How Professional Agency Modeling Works

Your agency is sending you on go-sees and jobs. Great! Now, what should you do, and not do, when you get there?
What to Do on Jobs and Castings

You've been invited to attend a model search or convention. Is it a good idea for you? What is it all about?
About Model Searches and Conventions

A modeling school wants you to take their classes. Is that how you get into this business?:
Should you go to Modeling School?

What do fashion and commercial models look like? Are they all young white folks? We tell all.
All about Race, Sex and Age in Commercial and Fashion Modeling

When is the right time to get into fashion modeling? Are you too young? Too old?
The Proper Age to Start as a Fashion Model

Do you really have to be tall to be a model? Well, it all depends on what type of modeling you want to do. Here's the scoop:
Height and Professional Modeling

Your child is adorable! Everyone says so. Should you try to make her a professional model?
How Child Modeling Modeling Works

What's that? You say you can't possibly get to Size 2? Here's another option for you:
All About Plus Modeling

Most of the time you won't get the jobs you apply for. It hurts! Here's how to deal with it.
Rejection, Modeling and Self Image

Lots of scary stuff in the press about fashion models and eating disorders. Is any of it real?
Eating Disorders and Fashion Modeling

For Fashion Models: What is a Portfolio? What goes in it? How does it change over time?
Testing and the Creation of Your Portfolio

How do you get pictures from Internet photographers without having to pay them?
All About TFP

When does an independent model need TFP? When is it a bad idea?
TFP/TFCD and its Place in My Career

Hey, what's this "Model Release" they gave me, and do I have to sign it?
All About Model's Releases

I did a photo shoot, and the photographer won't let me use my own pictures. What's up with that?
All About Usage Licenses

Some guy just emailed you and wants to be your manager. But he doesn't have a real, brick and mortar management business.
About "Internet Managers" and Internet Agencies

They're out to get you! Many types of scams and worthless offers infest modeling.
Fifteen (!) Modeling Scams

So this Internet agency has all these great jobs available. Should you join them?
The Bogus Internet Modeling Agency Scam

You just got this great job offer from the Internet. Congratulations! But is it real?
The Nigerian Scam comes to Modeling

Think you know how to tell a scam from the real thing? Are you sure? It's more complicated than you think.
Myths and Reality about Modeling Scams

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